Vinařství Petr Kočařík

I have been involved in winemaking since 1997. I started out in a small backyard vineyard which I got as a wedding gift from my parents. Over time, the original vineyard of a thousand square metres has expanded to almost two hectares of our own vineyards, in which my family and I all work together.


For our family winery, quality is the most important thing. We try to preserve the natural character of the wine, with an emphasis on the terroir. This means that in our bottles you will find a reflection of the place and the weather of a particular year. Therefore, we need to harvest ripe and healthy grapes, and one of the ways to achieve this is to do a lot of above-standard handwork in the vineyard, such as de-budding or suckering. We cultivate the soil without herbicides and since 2010 we have been treating our vine stocks only with products authorized for organic farming.

We use maceration of grapes with minimum intervention into the natural processes. Our wines ferment spontaneously, and are then aged on the lees in oak barrels, mostly for 12 months. We do not clarify or filter our wines. We only add sulphur to the wine and that in the minimum possible amount. We produce 7,000 – 10,000 bottles depending on the year. Our family winery is one of the first seven signatories of the Charter of Authentists.

Niva Hrbatá

On this sand-loam vineyard track with subsoil consisting mainly of calcareous loess, we grow Burgundy varieties, Traminer, and Hibernal in two vineyards with south-western and south-eastern exposures. The total area of ​​both vineyards is 0.95 ha and their altitude ranges from approximately 210 to 235 metres above sea level.


This sand-loam vineyard track, with subsoil consisting mainly of calcareous loess, is divided into Přední Odměra and Zadní Odměra (and includes 1000 square metres of backyards). Our vineyard is located on Přední Odměra, on a slope with a south-western exposure, which has belonged to our family since time immemorial. The altitude here ranges from approximately 230 to 255 metres above sea level. We grow a wide number of varieties on a total area of 0.4 ha.


On this sand-loam vineyard track with subsoil consisting mainly of calcareous clays, we grow Pinot Noir in a vineyard with a southern exposure. Its lowest part is planted with Hibernal. The total area of the vineyard is 0.55 ha and its altitude ranges from approximately 230 to 260 metres above sea level.

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